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Department of Mental Health Education

The Department of Mental Health Education provides training on the promotion of mental health to employees of the National Center for Mental Health, affiliates, employees of mental health-related institutions, mental health specialists, as well as others for whom the minister or director deem it necessary.
Eligible individuals will be given an opportunity to participate in the National Mental Health Program and receive training for improved mental health, as part of an initiative to cultivate professional human resources and to develop and distribute educational programs.


Field Main content
Management and operation of mental health professionals
  • Operation of the mental health professional committee

    - Ethics committee

  • Operation of the mental health professional management system
  • Assessment of mental health professional certification
  • Processing complaints related to mental health professionals
Management of mental health professional training and continuing education
  • Operation of trainings

    - New designation of training institutions and updated review of modifications
    - Survey and supervision of training institutions

  • Operation of continuing educational programs

    - Management and survey of consignment facilities for continuing education

Persons with mental illness
  • Fostering peer supporters
  • Education for family
Mental health
  • Education programs for community mental health center employees
  • Education programs for mental health sanatorium employees
  • Public education
Human right
  • Training for workers in mental health promotion facilities
Operation of medical library
  • Operation of medical library website
  • Provision of psychiatry and health-related academic resources
  • Operation of patient library
Rental educational facilities
  • Audiovisual room operation
  • Rental application and approval
  • Rental review committee operation