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President's Greetings



Since its opening in 1962, the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH) has been carrying out various mental health projects to promote and enhance people's mental health. NCMH has been further positioning itself as the central institution in leading the recovery of people's mental health through psychological support projects in times of national crises, including the COVID-19 outbreak and the Itaewon accident.

Moreover, the government established the Basic Plan for Mental Health and Welfare (2021-2025), taking into account the recently emerging social and economic issues of mental health. According to government policies, NCMH is exerting its utmost efforts for the people, such as establishing an integrated service for using verified mental health information, systemizing the treatment system, and implementing mental health awareness improvement projects.

As the control tower of public mental health care, NCMH will advance forward with the following visions.

  • First,we will provide prompt and adequate treatment and rehabilitation services based on respect for human rights.
  • Second,we will provide customized mental health services throughout the life cycle and develop and implement short and long-term policies regarding the prevention and treatment of mental illness.
  • Third,we will provide preemptive psychological first aid, follow-up management, treatment, prevention of exhaustion of disaster response personnel, and recovery services to prevent trauma from occurring in the event of a disaster.
  • Fourth,we will reinforce basic and clinical research on mental illness to advance into a national mental health R&D organization with outstanding research personnel.
  • Fifth,we will become a central institution for developing expertise to lead the mental health sector.

To realize the visions above, we will facilitate public-private cooperation and take care of services that are difficult for the private sector to tackle.

The National Center for Mental Health will walk in front for the people to lead them to a healthy life in body and mind.

Thank you.

Young-sook KwakYoung-sook Kwak