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Mental Health Education



The Department of Mental Health Education provides education programs to Mental Health Professionals and other mental health workforce. And, we operate training and continuing education for Mental Health Professionals.

We also provide education programs for human rights to mental health workers by law.


Development and Distribution of Education Programs

Development and Distribution of Programs for Mental Health Awareness

  • Development and Distribution of Mental Health Educational Programs
Education and Training of Mental Health Professionals
  • Development of Educational Contents for Mental Health Professionals
  • Operation of Mental Health Professionals Training Course
  • Operation of Mental Health Professionals Continuing Education Courses
  • Human Rights Education Courses for Mental Health Workers
Management of Public Mental Health Professionals Qualification and Training Institution
  • Evaluate Mental Health Professional Certificate Issuance
  • Evaluate New Training Institute Approval and Recruitment
  • Survey on Status of Training Institutes and Continuing Education
Medical Library
  • Provision of Academic Information on Psychiatry and Mental Health
Audiovisual Archive
  • Production and Management of Video Recordings
  • Produce and Distribution of Audiovisual Materials Relating to Education and Promotion
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