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National Center for Disaster and Trauma



The National Center for Disaster Trauma was opened in April 2018 to help the psychological recovery and social adaptation of disaster-experienced people. It is originated from the Psychological Crisis Support team since 2013.

The main tasks are below ; psychological first aid in disaster sites, the guidelines for disaster mental health activities, disaster trauma researches, disaster trauma treatment, nurturing disaster mental health experts, and establishing governance network of a disaster mental health cooperation

  • Purpose

    Psychological recovery from disaster trauma and improvement of quality of life


Disaster Crisis Respons
  • Establishment of disaster mental health service base
  • Psychological first aid in disaster sites
Disaster Trauma treatment support
  • Screening high-risk client for disaster mental health
  • Operation and dissemination of trauma treatment programs
Disaster Mental Health Education & Training
  • Development and operation of evidence-based education program
  • Nurturing disaster mental health experts
  • Dissemination of results and promoting disaster field activities
  • Building a integrated smart platform for disaster mental health
  • Improve of public awareness and promotion
  • Operation of ‘mind calming Bus’, a disaster mental health service to visit
Disaster Trauma Research
  • Development of high risk and recovery prediction model for disaster mental health
  • Securing evidence for upgrading disaster trauma services